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Agriculture and Seedling concept by Male

Horticulture application

To ensure quality during transport all live – plants, cuttings, bulbs and flowers need to be shipped under temperature control conditions. All these products need to be handled with care. During this transport it is really important that temperature and / or humidity will be monitored during the trip from the farm or production- location towards the end-client. Time of harvesting, packing- method and transportation from “farm” to the airport or harbor need to be monitored to be sure that temperature limits will not exceeded.


These “fragile” products are sensitive to temperature in global logistics handling, therefor, precise and reliable environmental monitoring practices through-out the horticultural production chain is required to be in place for quality assurance concern. TempSen Europe provides a wide range of cost-effective and training- free dataloggers to help users from the horticulture supply chain to quickly locate supply chain weakness, boost logistics management efficiency and maximize investment returns.

Products involved

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