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Smart Cold Chain Data Loggers

Temperature abuses in supply chain compromise quality of pharmaceutical, life science and food products, and sometimes they caused great economics losses or even endanger human lives, then using a data logger to monitor environment conditions becomes an effective precaution to protect product quality and prevent safety accidents. New Tempod temperature data loggers is a series of technically advanced temperature monitoring devices developed by TempSen for more efficient cold chain monitoring, the light-weight compact physical design allows them could be flexibly used anywhere, from warehouse, container, to insulated package or even portable insulin box.


TempSen data loggers feature user-friendly data interface, you could easily download temperature data through USB connection, no worries about installing software, Tempod data logger would automatically create encrypted PDF report which includes recording statistics i.e. Max, Min, MKT, alarms results including five alarm ranges, graph and event tabular data(optional), you won’t miss any important information about your shipment, furthermore, raw data embedded in PDF report could be extracted after uploaded to TempSen Cloud for online data management and global accesses. LCD on Tempod data loggers also provides running and alarm status, remaining battery and statistics, you will be fully aware of what happened to your valuable goods at the first second you have the logger. With Tempod data loggers, you will have complete visibility of your shipments and your temperature controlled supply chain will be completely covered.


TempSen’s strict quality control system ensure every Tempod data loggers shipped has been fully calibrated and inspected, protected data report and device access will help you better achieve regulation compliance.

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