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What is a limit violation event?

A consecutive series of data points over a high limit (or under a low limit) is deemed as an alarm event.

For example, in image below, there are 3 temperature high limit violation events for high alarm zone.

Data logger

Error codes

Error codes usually could be found on the upper left corner of a PDF report created by data logger, if you find an error code in a data report, it means data logger detected an exception during recording.


Code 0004 (*0004), logger used to be reset during recording, which may cause missing of data point.

Code 0005 (*0005), an internal time error is detected when activating a logger, to avoid creating incorrect data record, logger would not be activated in this case until new configuration is effective.

What is Alarm Type?

Alarm type defines different types of calculation method for determining an alarm. So far data loggers made by TempSen support two alarm types, see below. 1. Single alarm 2. Cumulative alarm Single alarm means an alarm only could be triggered when measurement values over high limit (or below low limit) for a continuous period of time which is not less than a set alarm delay, cumulative alarm means alarm could be triggered once the cumulative total time measurement values over high limit (or below low limit) not less than a set alarm delay.

What is Alarm Delay?

Alarm delay is a time threshold to determine when alarm should triggered after alarm limit has been keeping violated, only limit has been violated for this set period would trigger an alarm.

I cannot operate in Configure Device mode it seems everything is not workable in the interface

This is an error resulted from .Net framework 4.0 bug, please go to to download the patch and install it, then restart your TempCentre, go to Configuration Device, you will find everything works fine.

I was prompted of “Windows protected your PC” when installing TempCentre 2.2.10 in Windows 8.1

This message is triggered by Windows security system, what you need to do is to click on More Info under message “Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk”, and then click on Run Anyway to proceed installation of TempCentre 2.2.10.

How to upgrade TempCentre software to latest version?

1) Click Help in Menu bar.

2) Select Check for updates in menu appears.

3) AutoUpdate program launches.

4) If there is new update available, the newest components for update will be listed in AutoUpdate list view.

5) Click Next in AutoUpdate.

6) You will be prompted to close TempCentre program before implementing upgrade.

7) Close the TempCentre program.

8) Click Next in AutoUpdate again.

9) Update process begins, each update file will be downloaded individually, so please keep the Internet connection during the whole update process.If update process completes, close AutoUpdate program, and open TempCentre.If the update process is interrupted by bad internet connection, please try again later.If you find TempCentre software corrupted or some functions fail to perform normally after update, please uninstall it and re-install the latest version of TempCentre

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