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Tempod 90S

Single Use Dry Ice Probeless USB PDF Data Logger


•• USB connector allows downloading data without reader or cable


•• Time mark records events requiring special attention
•• IATA PI970 II compliant, your goods with Tempod inside will not be handled as dangerous goods
•• RTCA DO-160G compliant allows monitoring in air freight

•• GxP regulations compliant




remaining battery days on LCD will remind you when battery would run out.



Automatically generated encrypted PDF format report, no software required to access data file. PDF report includes recording summaries, statistics, alarm information, graph and optional tabular data. Embedded raw data allows further data processing via TempSen Cloud and 3rd party system.



Powered by TempSen patented SFP (Software Free Programming) technology, it's super simple to configure a data logger anywhere, anytime and on any platform, no need to install any software, just connect logger to computer and apply the configuration file downloaded, configuration will be done in one second.



LCD presents following key information of recording task.

  • OK (v), Alarm (x), Alarm zone
  • Running Status
  • Temperature statistics (max,min,avg)

Tempod 90S

  • Usage Type Single Use
    Sensors Temperature: Internal Sensor
    Memory Capacity 28.800 readings
    Measurement Range -90°C...70°C (-130°F...158°F)

    +/-0.7°C /(-90°C..-30°C)
    +/-0.5°C / (-30°C..30°C)
    +/-0.7°C / (30°C..70°C)
    Resolution 0.1°C / °F
    Start Mode Manual / Auto start
    Logging Interval 1 minute...2 hours
    Logging Mode Start & Stop
    Alarm Ranges High and low alarm / 5 alarm ranges
    Battery 3.6V lithium battery
    Battery Life 30 days (logging interval >= 5 mins
    Shelf Life 2 years
    Display Multi-function LCD
    •OK(√), Alarm(x), Running status
    •Temperature statistics (max, min, avg)
    •Limit violation event indication
    •Duration time of each alarm zone
    •Mark history
    •Remaining battery days
    Button Start / Stop / View / Mark
    Connection USB 2.0 connector
    Automatic Data File Encrypted PDF report with embedded raw data
    Software TempCentre2 Data Management Software
    Compatible OS Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    Calibration Factory NIST traceable 3-point calibration
    Certifications CE, RTCA-DO160G, IATA P1970 II
    Protection Class IP65
    Dimensions 100mm L x 40mm W x 12mm H
    Weight Approx. 68g

    Packing/Material          Case/Polycarbonate

    • Powerful LCD provides all key information indications, including recording statistics, alarm and running status
    • Encrypted PDF report, no software required to access data file
    • Embedded raw data allows further data processing via TempSen cloud and 3rd party system
    • Software-free online configuration, multi-platform compatible
    • Temperature start, allows recording starts when temperature reaches expected range
    • Multiple alarm ranges (5 ranges)
    • Time mark for events requiring special attention
    • NIST traceable 3-point calibration
    • RTCA DO-160G compliance allows for air transport monitoring
    • GxP regulations compliant
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