About TempSen Europe B.V.

TempSen Electronics Company, founded in 2006, Shanghai China, specializes in developing,

manufacturing, sales of data loggers and data acquisition systems for cold chain monitoring, and our

clients range from pharmaceutical, life science to food, chemical and industrial companies around globe.

Our expertise and technology will help customer locate potential problems existing in their supply chain,

suggest the best approach to minimize risk, and ultimately prompt correct measures to be carried out to

eliminate problems, optimize supply chain management efficiency and lower operation costs.

TempSen is now one of the leading providers of cold chain data loggers in the world, our data logging

products are capable of measuring and monitoring temperature, humidity for ambient, dry ice and even

ultra-low environments, generating the precise, reliable and protected data reports for further analysis.

With easy-to-use design and robust performance, TempSen products enable you to invest the minimum

time and money for training and deployment and integrating TempSen data logging products into your cold

chain transportation, warehousing and last mile delivery

We focus on customers’ needs and follow international regulations and standards, today, our international

sales network has covered most of the major countries and areas around the world, ensuing quick

delivery of products and necessary customer services to you anywhere anytime.

Quality Assurance

As an SGS ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we employed stringent quality management system to

ensure procedures implemented from product development, manufacturing to servicing comply with

international standards, our commitment to pursuing premium quality drive us continuously improve and

optimize internal quality control system, ensuring each product or service provided by TempSen

maximizes your satisfaction.

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