About TempSen Europe B.V.

TempSen Europe B.V. is an official representation of TempSen Electronics Company.

TempSen Electronics Company was founded in 2007, in Shanghai China, and specializes in developing, manufacturing and sales of data loggers and data acquisition systems. We not only provide well designed and innovative temperature monitoring solutions, but also deliver innovative ideas to the monitoring field. Based on principles of reliability, precision and efficiency, we are dedicated to offering strictness, detailed and valuable information for your perishable goods in transit and storage. Our products and services cover portable data loggers, environment monitoring systems, thermal validation solutions, wireless data acquisition systems and web-based data management and storage platform, enabeling us to better help customers in different industries, like food, pharma, chemicals, logistic, clinics and laboratories  improve supply chain and quality control management. We focus on customer needs and comply with professional regulations and standards. Our excellent products help us win acclaim and reputation in this field. Untill now, our international distribution network has covered most of the major countries and districts around the world. We believe only superior products and services can earn your trust and that is exactly what we are doing!

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